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1.Cash on delivery
Payment in cash at the time of delivery of the products to the person who will deliver them to you.

2. Deposit the money in a bank account

Bank accounts:

Alpha bank: 551 00200 201 8657 / IBAN: GR 4901 40551 055 100 200 201 8657

Eurobank: 0026 0324 05 0200 424730 / IBAN: GR 75 0260 3240 000 5020 0424 730

Piraeus Bank: 66 5611 0322 334 / IBAN 08 0171 6560 0066 5611 0322 334

If you make a deposit to a bank account at a physical bank branch or use web banking you must deposit the amount and send us by e-mail to info@kalos.gr the receipt of the transaction with the name of the depositor, the name you have stated in the order.

3. Payment by cash or card in our store
If you have chosen to pick up the products of your order from our store, you can pay with cash or card.


Now you can pay for your orders in our online store easily, quickly and securely through the online payment service PayPal.

By selecting the "PayPal" payment method, at the end of the order you are transferred directly to the PayPal page.


Payments are accepted using credit, debit as well as prepaid card of all Banks belonging to the following brands, Visa, MasterCard

After the end of your order you will be transferred to the online system of Eurobank Bank, which guarantees a completely secure trading environment and there you will fill in all the necessary fields (card number, expiration date and issuing bank).